6th grade, 7th grade (Pre-algebra), 8th grade (Algebra)

Hi, I’m Mrs. Scott and I’m so excited that you are in my class!  I love math and love working with middle school students.  I realize that this is a strange way to start the school year, but I’m here to help each of you become successful mathematicians.  I can’t wait to meet each of you.  We will have a successful year on-line, hybrid style or in person.  You are ready for the challenge! 

6th grade link
7th grade Pre-Algebra link
8th grade - Algebra link
Family is so important! I am so happy that we took a trip to Leavenworth last year.
I knew that this was fairly steep. I encountered uneven terrain, a 99 step fireman's ladder, 100 yard dark tunnel,and a 5 story spiral staircase. I stopped several times to determine if I should continue the journey. I told my husband to continue without me.
This is a picture at the top of Diamond Head. I didn't know if I would succeed. Perseverance and Determination!