2nd Grade with Mrs. Ferdinand

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What I Teach






“Hope is a function of struggle.”  

When we allow kids to struggle or fail, we allow them to have hope to try again despite challenges; and we give them a chance for true success.

When we let kids create, we allow them to problem solve.  Creativity through innovation helps motivate and energize a student to enhance not only his/her personal passion, but also their academic (and later professional) goals.  

“Kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves.”  

When we teach kindness, we see a decline in bullying, teasing, and other hurtful behaviors; and an increase in humanity.  

Pride comes from having a sense of ownership in something.  

When we allow kids to have some control over their learning and that their ideas matter, they will start to have pride in their schoolwork, and themselves.

When we show kids that learning can be FUN, they are more willing to participate….and to take risks!  And having fun helps kids to retain information better.