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Post Lottery Application

2021-2022 Lottery is now open for the upcoming new school year.

Click Here for the 2021-2022 Lottery Application 

The 2021-2022 Falcon Ridge Public Charter School lottery will open Fri., Dec. 11, 2020. The deadline to submit 2021-2022 lottery applications is Fri., Mar. 12, 2021, 3:00 PM. The lottery will be Monday, Apr. 5, 2021 at 1:45 PM at Falcon Ridge Public Charter School.  Attendance is NOT required and very limited information will be available directly following the lottery.  Due to the lottery process and acceptance requirements, we must notify each grade in the order that it was drawn and receive acceptance for class positions before moving to the next grade.  Notification of lottery results may take up to two weeks. 

For anyone interested in learning more about Falcon Ridge and touring the school, please attend an Open House tentatively scheduled on Tues., Mar. 16, 2021, 7:00 PM at the school.   

After the lottery has been drawn and parents notified, there will be mandatory New Student Orientation on Tues., May 4, 2021 (K-5th grades), and Thurs., May 16, 2021 (6th-8th grades) at 6:30 PM.   

For questions regarding the school schedule, please refer to our school calendar. Kindergarten is every school day from 8:05 AM- 11:15 AM. Kindergarteners have access to the morning bus, but must be picked up at kindergarten release. 


2021-2022 Lottery Process Download Here

2021-2022 Lottery Notice Download Here

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2019-2020  Post Lottery Waitlist click here

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Registration is done through the TylerSIS Parent Portal Click Here

Here are some instructions:

  • Complete the forms with a computer, not a mobile device and not the app. If you need assistance completing the forms, please contact the office.
  • Click the “Online Registration” tab. You will fill out all family forms and then individual forms for each student.
    • Emergency Contacts are NOT parents. In an emergency, we contact the parents first and then the emergency contacts.  
  • Once you have completed all the forms, click “SAVE” and then click, “Return to List”.
  • If you have completed all the forms, you will have a message to submit the forms.
  • If you need to receive a link to access Tyler SIS, please contact the school office at 208-922-9228.
  • During the registration process, parents may need to print a bus form or an allergy management plan. It is the parent’s responsibility to turn these forms into the office, if needed.

Additional Information Needed

  • Incoming 7th Graders need to provide the office with updated immunization records or exemption forms.
  • New students need to provide the office with an original birth certificate, immunization report, and proof of residency (i.e. utility bill.) 

If plans have changed and your student will not be attending Falcon Ridge in the fall, please notify the office as soon as possible.