Athletic Eligibility

  • Administration/Athletic Director will have the responsibility of monitoring student progress throughout the grading period.
  • If a student earns two D’s or one F at the mid-season grade check, the student will be placed on level one probationary status by the administration.
    • Level 1 probation will mean that the student will be able to practice but not participate in games or travel to games.
    • The student will have two weeks to correct and raise his/her failing grades. During these two weeks, the student may not participate in games or travel to games. 
    • Parents/coaches will be notified when student corrects and raises his/her failing grades.
  • Students with chronic failing grades that are documented from more than two weeks after being placed on level 1 will be placed on a level 2 probationary status.
    • Level 2 probation will mean that student will be excluded from practice and games until grades are brought up. 

Girls Volleyball

Cross Country

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball


Falcon Ridge is a member of the Western Idaho Conference (WIC) 1A Division and offers athletic opportunities for Middle School students grades 6-8

For information about academic requirements, practice expectations and game policy, playing time, coaches responsibilities, parents expectations, pick up procedures, concussion procedures and school protocol please download the Athletic Handbook and/or contact our Athletic Director Vonnie Willis at
Players must take the course prior to first practice.

Sign up for Sport Activities and fill out the required concussion form on My School Bucks